Custom Window Treatment

Till the time aesthetic of any room is not dealt with, interior designing is not over. Window treatment based on your specifications and customizations has a vital role to play in any room’s aesthetic. It’s a crucial part of interior designing where designers have to work in close contact with the customers. Custom window treatment is one perfect way to uplift the aesthetic of your interior. Be it your bedroom, living room, or workspace, you can décor it like your dream room with the right modifications. When it comes to windows, choices are endless – hardwood, vinyl, fabric, and a lot more – pick your choice and we will materialize it for you.

Ivaan Interiors believe in its team of skilled professionals. Each of our interior designer possess a plethora of knowledge, years of experience in client handling, and the right vision to help you get that perfect design. If you want to consult on custom window treatments or other aspects of interior designing, then reach out to us. We are ready to answer all your questions.