About Us - Interior Design Consultant in Winnipeg

Ivaan Interiors is an imagination fuelled, full-service Interior designing firm providing outstanding interiors since 15 years. Originated from north part of India, it has created meaning full environments in Residential, Retail, Institutional, Commercial and hospitality sectors. Ivaan Interiors is simultaneously defining a new era of luxury interiors. Our success is based on a knowledgeable approach to create “Quality spaces” in our designs comprising of lighting, materials, flow, context, layout and functionality. With an intense passion, we chase for the emotional connection of people to the spaces and care about how they feel inside.


Motivated by curiosity in the human experience, sense of wonder and evolution are the key elements to design meaningful environments. We create unique design experiences not only warm and timeless but also remarkable and dramatic. Our design reflects lifestyle of our clients and their needs. We take pride in offering multi layered designs, giving shape to visions, moods and exclusive environments. As an Interior designing firm, we believe in building strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are excited to hear your story and incorporate into YOUR space.

Manish Arora

Principal Designer

Coming from a family where architecture has been a legacy, he grew up seeing his dad do the drafting on the drawing board. Sooner than later he realized that he wanted to follow his dad’s footsteps and took on Architecture his career.

Born in India, Manish received his professional Architecture degree in 1998, graduating with distinction. He interned in Mumbai with Architect Hafeez Contractor a leading architectural design consultancy firm, of India. Working within diverse design disciplines had given him the benefit of understanding not only the aesthetic requirements of a design but also the technical aspect to bringing the vision to reality. Before migrating to Canada in 2013 he had been practicing for 15 years in his Architecture and Interior design firm known as – Architects Arora and Associates.

Manish provides timeless interiors from contemporary to traditional design, creating a perfect blend of different styles, but never losing the core of the functionality. His previous projects include luxury residence, executive offices, institutional, commercial, condominium lobbies and suites. He thrives to offer fully Integrated Architectural and Interior Design services as well as a full scope of design services for interior environments.

Jyoti Kalsi

Principal Designer

Jyoti’s journey of interior design and architecture began with a passion and dream that she instilled in very early stage of life. She started her career in architecture and soon realized that interior designing is something that sparks joy in her. As a designer, she is very passionate about understanding the spaces and bringing them together, right from the planning stage to finishing it with various elements. She believes a good designed space is achieved when there is perfect harmony between contrasting materials, finishes, colour palettes and functionality.

Her experience in project Management through the years has helped her develop strong business acumen and gain broad industry knowledge. She is passionate and dedicated designer that is well known for her personalised service, intense focus and commitment, while maintaining joy and enthusiasm for every project she designs.